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"We appreciated your email of thanks for the purchase of our new Outback.  So far we are very pleased with the vehicle and look forward to many years of driving experience! We did want to let you know how much we appreciated the service of Jeremy and Luke.  Jeremy spent a lot of time with us talking about the car and taking us on a test drive.  We were not really in a hurry to purchase a car; we were simply on a fact-gathering mission.  He did such a good job, that we found ourselves thinking now was the time.  And then when we decided to come in and purchase the car, Jeremy was off and Luke stepped in.  He was perfect!  He treated us as though we had come to him in the first place.  He, too, spent much time with us and patiently went over the function of the vehicle until we were ready to drive off.  I have to admit I was surprised and thankful with his time, since it was actually getting late on a Saturday night, and I imagined a young man like him likely had things to do!  All this to say that Jeremy and Luke were excellent salesmen, kind, considerate, and low pressure.  We are impressed with Dellenbach and plan to be back."

 Tom and Pat S.

"Best car buying experience ever! Chris Dellenbach and Jordan Dellenbach took great care of me. Everyone from the owner Steve to the sales manager Steve Pendleton to all the sales people were amazing, kind knowledgeable, and friendly. They just wanted to help me find the right vehicle. I was able to take an extended test drive and even though I wanted to buy a Ford in the beginning I fell in love with the Chevy Silverado. This in my opinion is the best dealership in the state and I will buy all my vehicles from here in the future. The numbers were fair, honest and easy to understand. Everybody at Dellenbach was helpful and professional." Chris Seymour

"I recently had my old (and I do mean old) Outback serviced by Dellenbach, as I have for many years. I especially want to commend Josh Christman for his service and care. He went out of his way to try to take care of a frustrating intermittent problem (it didn't get fixed, but not his fault). He ordered and reordered a used part, etc. They have a gem there in Josh - and in all of their other employees who have helped keep my car going over the years. Thanks!" Lynda Jai

"Both finance and sales personnel have gone the extra mile for me to make everything work out great. Thanks Delenbach!"Jim Hulings

"Great customer service! Stewart and Tyronne took care of me! Highly recommend." Ted Spirer

"Quick friendly service, all details of the service visit and repair were explained in detail." Jeffrey Collier

"Purchasing a car at your dealership was an easy and stress free experience. I had not planned on buying when I walked in that day. Mostly I was going to see what my options were. I'd been thinking about buying a Subaru for a long time. When I met EJ, though, I have to say that I didn't feel the need to wait any longer. He was an absolute pleasure to work with. There was no hard sales approach: instead, he listened to what I needed, gave me suggestions, then proceeded to go over all the highlights of owning a Subaru. I felt like I could really trust him. Now that I own my Crosstrek, I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed driving it. It has exceeded my expectations in many ways. I feel like I've made a friend that day. I also feel confident that I would call or go in if I need anything at all. Thank you for the wonderful service. EJ is truly a wonderful person. I very much enjoyed chatting with him. This is the very first car I've bought myself. EJ turned it into a very fond experience. I can see myself owning a Subaru for many many years."

"Everyone at this place is a real pleasure to work with. Special thanks to our sales guy Max for being outstanding throughout the whole process. He found us the vehicle we really wanted and went above and beyond to make sure we had the best car buying experience." James Jacob

"Compliments to the professionalism of the GM Service Department- I would like to take a moment to highlight the impressive professionalism displayed today by one of your Service Consultants, Bobby. I was in today for an oil change working with Stewart. While the routine information from my vehicle was being gathered, i could not help but over hear Bob on the phone discussing what seemed to be a complaint. He was extremely patient with the customer while explaining a core charge issue. He repeated himself a number of times and attempted to explain solutions to the customer on the phone in a number of ways to assist them resolve the issue. As the customer escalated and began to become hostile, Bobby maintained composure and requested they call and discuss the issue with a member of management. After ending the call with the customer with as much respect to the customer as was given at the beginning of the conversation, Bobby moved onto the next customer without skipping a beat. Most of the people in the area at the time heard the exchange and complimented him, to include myself. I would like to ensure the Dellenbach management team is made aware of this outstanding demonstration and understands this level of professionalism is exactly why I continue to return to Dellenbach. Great work! Thanks! -Kyle

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