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You truly did meet & exceed on delivering us every bit of an amazing customer service experience. My wife was very impressed & extremely satisfied with her new Traverse. We think it's an awesome vehicle. Thank you for a wonderful experience. Look forward to doing more business with your dealership in the future. I really have to tell you Drew Zajicek our salesman He made my wife & me feel comfortable & walked us through explaining to us every step & he is the reason we felt confident in buying our second Brand New car from you in less than a weeks time. Drew Zajicek truly knows & is the epitome of what great customer service looks like & is an amazing asset to your dealership. My wife & I Have boughten many cars in our lives. I feel I have now only one salesman & one dealership that we only want to do business with in the now & the future. That is an awesome feeling that has been bestowed upon us from the most amazing car buying experience we have ever encountered. Buying a car can be a very stressful time ! Buying a car at Dellenback Motors is a truly pleasant & fun experience that has change the way we view car buying. There is also someone else on the Dellenback Team who directly impacted us & gave us the unmeasured & the most outstanding customer experience I did not know existed ! That would be Wendy ( Wendy truly is Amazing & was the biggest reason in us buying not only one but two cars in less than a weeks time, her experience did give my wife & I the absolute confidence to purchase from Dellenback Motors. Wendy is truly an exception to the rule ! Wendy is also an exceptional person, we truly are blessed & feel blessed to not only have met her but to have also worked with her. She was the difference maker for us ( that's also coming from my wife ! A happy wife a happy life ! ). Glen in finance was too a pleasure to work with & all the others who had a part in our purchasing our vehicles from Dellenback Motors. You truly have an amazing customer service oriented team. Also Thank you to all the many salesman who held the doors open for my wife & I throughout our comings & goings. Thank you for reaching out to us. We appreciate your following up with us. Thank you to our salesman who went over & beyond to help me understand the technology & how to use this technology. I don't like it & I am not comfortable with it, however Drew has helped us with it even after the sale has been completed. He has changed my opinion & his time he spent going over it has helped me tremendously in moving forward with understanding & using it. I truly needed more time than most people, & Drew Zajicek truly has a desire to help his customers & people. That has also made this experience at Dellenback Motors " PRICELESS ".


I recently had to purchase a new car when, after an accident, the other driver's insurance company totaled my car. Having purchased my car from Dellenbach Subaru I wanted to get another one.   The sales manager, Kevin, was patient in explaining to me the pros and cons of either leasing a car or purchasing a car. Matt Soto was awesome in walking me through the process of purchasing the car.  He started by picking me up from Enterprise Rent A Car. He showed me the car's manual, especially the smaller, quick reference guides. While sitting in the car, Matt took me through all the features of the car. As this is my first car with a "screen" and back up camera he explained how all the options worked and how to set things up.  He even helped me to sync my phone to the car (another first). He told me about the Android Auto app which allows me to display my phone's map feature onto the screen of the car. It is an awesome app. Matt was very professional with a friendly attitude while he patiently answered all of my questions and helped me get use to my car. I highly recommend Dellenbach Motors to anyone who is looking for a car.  They will work with you to find the car that works best for you.  Ask for Matt Soto!


Wanted to let you know what a gem you have in your salesperson, Jeremy Gleich.  I came into your dealership at 4:00 in the afternoon upset over the fact that it might be time to tell my trusty Ms.Subie good bye.  A 2001, LLBean Outback, she had served me well but I could see some very expensive repairs ahead. Jeremy was calm, friendly, informative and most of all not condescending to one of your older customers.  In no time at all, we had decided that the Impreza Premium might be exactly what I need. It has all of  the safety features I need, plus the Starlink to keep me safe on the trips to Denver to be with my grandchildren.  By 5:00 we had settled on the car for me to drive the next morning. Sold.  Jeremy was so kind during the whole process. None of it was difficult at all.  I spoke to your manager as I wanted to let him know what a fine salesman and person you have in Jeremy.  Now I want you to know. Do what ever you need to do to keep that I young man on your staff.
-Mary S.

Dellenbach, and in particular Mr. Bruce Ford, certainly shattered expectations. This was my first time buying from a dealer, and after reading up on the process online, watching instructional videos, et cetera, I had a lot of negative expectations. I walked in prepared for pushy salesmanship, deceptive pricing, hidden fees, and cars that would break down before they got to the edge of the parking lot. It was not so. Bruce Ford was polite and friendly, he was very up front and transparent, both with the mechanical condition of the car and the financial factors of the price. We took it to an independent mechanic, and they didn't find anything that Bruce Ford hadn't already told us about. There were no surprises, and, as is always important, the price was right. Couldn't have asked for a better overall experience. Thanks.
I just finished purchasing a third Subaru from your dealership. The last purchase was not planned (Impreza with 60,000 miles was totaled through not fault of mine). I have purchased cars from Jeremy, Devon, and  Matt. I have had service work done on my cars with Arabee being my service person contact. I have been satisfied with each encounter. I have been treated with respect every time I use Dellenbach Subaru services. I want to give these outstanding employees the credit they deserve. The last two visits have been to replace a fuel pump (can't go anywhere without that working) and replacing a totaled vehicle. The circumstances surrounding these two encounters were quite unpleasant. Arabee and Matt were wonderful. They got me back on the road in both situations. Thank you for making my car buying and car servicing experiences pleasant. By the way...I love the new coffee machine in your newly remodeled show room!
-Lenise M.

My name is Amy and I wanted to share how impressed I am with your dealership.  Joe Feiereisen came to my office 3 months ago and picked up my current lease.  He had my oil changed and tires rotated, brought it back to my office.  Then a week ago, he dropped by with a 2016 Forester so I could get a feel if that was the right vehicle for me.  A few days ago Lindsay Coblentz called me and alerted me that I was already way over my mileage on my current Chevy lease.  I had a tough decision to make.  With Joe and Lindsay, this experience was absolutely painless.  I was communicating with both of them, and I am now leasing a 2016 Forester.  I am so glad to be back in a Subaru.  This will be my 4th Subaru I have leased from your dealership.  A lot of people dread the "new car" experience, but I have to say I am completely opposite.  With these two on my side, I had no worries at all.  Thank you Joe Feireisen and Lindsay Coblentz for your top notch service.  You have truly made my day! 

Our daughter is a freshman at CSU and when it came time to buy her a car, it was tricky as we live outside the States. We had found some cars online at Dellenbach's website and had our daughter go look at them. She met with Max at the lot and he was incredibly helpful. He coordinated with us via email and phone, and walked our daughter through the process. The next day he picked her up and took her to the dealership to sign papers and she drove off in her new to her, used car. He also showed her the service center so she would know where and how to get her car serviced. It's been our experience that this type of service is reserved for higher end new car sales not used car sales so we were impressed. Thank you Max and Dellenbach Motors.
-Tara M.

The level of customer service is second to none.  Whether you are going in for an oil change or purchasing a car, they always make sure to treat you well and take care of you.  I have never encountered someone at Dellenbach that was having a bad day and brought that attitude to work with them.  They are courteous, friendly, helpful, funny and I choose them every time for my car needs and maintenance.
-Jennifer C.

We live 300 miles from Dellenbach, but choose to go that extra ways for the kind of service that we get there. Starting with the sales staff that never were pushy, but listened to our needs and met them. Their service department staff members are experienced, professional and friendly. When working on our car, they gave us updates...and a new Cadillac loaner!!
-Reginald H.

After a months-long search for a new/used pickup, I finally found everything I wanted at Dellenbach Motors. Sales Rep Arden Peters and Finance Manager Eric Wendt were very patient with and helpful to my wife and I while we agonized over buying a new vehicle. They ensured we got the pickup we wanted at a great price and with great financing terms. I haven't visited a car dealership for years, and I was pleasantly surprised by the low-key, low pressure experience at Dellenbach. We met employees in many departments during several visits, and everybody is very happy with their jobs and willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. No matter what kind of vehicle you want, I would recommend a visit to Dellenbach as a great example of customer service.

Thank you for the email.  Sue and I are very happy with our new Subaru Outback.  I have to compliment Devon Dellenbach for the professional job he did as our sales person.  We looked at vehicles at several different dealerships and felt pressured or did not like the vehicles being shown.  When we worked with Devon, he was very professional listened to our concerns about a vehicle that out older dog could get in and out of, good in the snow and one that would fit our lifestyle.  He then showed us the Subaru Outback and was generally awesome through the entire process.  We felt that he was truly working to find us something that fits our needs and not just trying to get a sell.  Great job having a sales person like Devon on your staff!


From the time you drive onto the lot until you leave the staff is professional, knowledgeable and courteous. The negotiating is actually friendly, non-pressured. I bought a 2016 Colorado Z-71 Pick-up. This is the second car I have purchased from Dellenbach and I will go back again. Next time I won't waste time at the other dealerships in town. I deserve to be treated with respect and professionalism and Dellenbach does just that. I have already recommended Dellenbach to most of my friends and that is why I am writing this review, I recommend them to all who read this. Excellent customer service, excellent prices, fair trades, who could ask for more. I usually don't write reviews but, my salesman Rob has called twice to make sure I am happy  with my purchase and to see if there is any thing I want tweaked or attended to. Keep up the good work Dellenbach. -Dane

Mindy is very helpful and willing to give you all the options available to make the best choice in car repair. I would definitely recommend sending anyone to her for service needs.

When I returned to pick up the car and saw that the paperwork had found its way into Arabee Jenkins' hands, I expected his usual superb customer service, compounded of good manners, mature judgement and a thorough understanding of his job.  After the Service Manager, Justin Elley, arrived to discuss the problem with the lights, Arabee not only deferred to his boss but also watched and learned how a senior Dellenbach manager handled a complex and puzzling issue with an established customer.  Clearly, you have an effective training program and Mr. Jenkins is a smart gentleman who represents Dellenbach very well indeed.
-John N.

I would like to pass on a compliment about Collin Fisher. My husband purchased parts from Subaru to work on our daughters' 2004 Subaru legacy. She was traveling from Chicago to Arizona and passing through Colorado. In an effort to save her money he purchased the parts and planned to do the work himself as he has done before. For reasons unknown, the new parts were just not fitting. It was a substantial repair to the front end. He spent all of Wednesday and Thursday working on this car. It needed to be completed by Friday as she was leaving early Saturday morning to get to Arizona. I called at 7:30 Friday morning and explained the situation to Collin. He advised the service department was booked until Tuesday. I think he heard to panic in my voice and told me to bring the car in and he would do what he could to have it repaired by 5:30 PM. We got the car to him by 1:30 and it was repaired by 4:00. I CANNOT tell you how much my family appreciated this! We were in an extreme time crunch and Collin saved the day. Your service department is just the best!

I just want to say thank you to COLLIN and your staff for always being there and doing such a wonderful job!
-Annmarie E.

Matt Hecker was a pleasure to work with through the ordering process, deal, and the delivery.  How often do you hear that about a vehicle purchase?  Matt gave us a fair deal on the purchase and Dellenbach gave us a fair deal on the trade; sometimes you hear about a great deal on the purchase but a poor price on the trade soured the whole deal, but we were treated fairly on both ends.  I had more than a few misgivings about trading in our Mercedes as it has been a great car, but being treated fairly made the whole process easier.  And, now that we have had the Outback for a week, all of the misgivings and second thoughts are gone -- I think the Outback is every bit as good a car, plus it has better, up to date technology.
So, I believe you and your company, and Matt, really live up to your motto : Do the right thing. Exceed Expectations. Make a difference.   Our last five vehicles have been either BMWs or Benz, but I bet our next 5 will be Subaru's.

-Ken C.

Have bought several cars throughout the years and this was by far the best experience with a dealer. Dellenbach is professional, courteous and pleasant. Andrew Lamb was a great sales person and not pushy at all. I would highly recommend Dellenbach and Andrew. Thanks Andrew, you rock and Mike loves his truck!

bought a used 2007 Suburban from Bruce Ford at Dellenbach Motors. He answered all my questions and let me drive the veh
icle to my satisfaction. Also he more than went out of his way to set me up with a local auto shop to check the Suburban out for me. After that due to his professional work he also was instrumental in helping me finance the vehicle. It was a true pleasure working with Bruce. I would highly recommend Bruce Ford and Dellenbach Motors if your interested in buying a new or used vehicle.

-David S.

Dellenbach Motors and there staff are top notch. They are truly
professional when it comes to taking care of there costu
mers. I have bought 2 cars from them and will buy more in the future. Both times they have made the paperwork process fast and easy, Thanks Glen ! I bought a Cadillac last Saturday from Briana. She was very friendly and knowledgeable. Briana had an answer for every question I had about the car and she knew what every button did, which in that car can be overwhelming. So if you need a new vehicle go see Briana or any of the staff at Dellenbach.        

-Jerry & Teresa K.

My contact with Dellenbach began with a phone call, as we live well over an hour away from the dealership. Over the next month, they provided information of trade-in's and new vehicles and photos via internet and personal contact as well. When I was ready, my husband and I made the trip, knowing that we would be treated well, and that we would probably make a decision to buy. Your saleswoman, Julie Radtke, understood that my husband is disabled and she drove us to the showroom and, at my request, included him in our discussions. We were very satisfied with your trade-in offer for our much loved Cadillac DeVille and pleased with your dealership. While I am still dealing with new options available on the ATS, I know I can have my questions answered if I get back in touch with the dealership.
-Marcia T.

I'm looking forward to when i see your friendly and personable staff again.
 I had a wonderful experience and aside from the incredible product your family provides. I came back because of the incomparable service. 
Cheers to you all on a job well done! 
Thanks again and see you at my next (first) oil change.
-Lindsay K. 

My husband and I's experience was incredible from beginning to end. Starting with internet specialists Kelly and Lindsey to the purchasing of our Subaru XV Cross trek with Matt Soto. We have both purchased vehicles at other dealerships where we experienced high pressure sales and unknown fees slipped in at the last moment; the environment at Dellenbach was nothing like our previous knowledge of dealerships. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle!!
-Nicole B.


I was in an accident and my car was not drivable. I called many places and all were telling me they are booked out til late February and March. They would say they could do it before the other cars because I couldn't drive mine but no definite information. I did not have rental car insurance on my insurance policy so you can imagine my predicament. A single mom with 2 very sports active kids and a job that is 12 miles from home. Kenny the manager of the body shop solved all my problems. Thank you so much Dellenbach!!! You turned an impossible situation for me into something I can handle. When I get the car back and it's all fixed up I am sure I will be giving 5 stars!
-Amanda M.

Today I bought a used Subaru Outback from Dellenbach Subaru with my daughter.  It was her first car buying experience and we worked with Cathy Michaels in sales.  Cathy took good care of us...she was so pleasant to work with!  We also spent some time talking with Charles and Patrick and everyone was very friendly and helpful.  They gave us an unexpectedly great deal, on a very nice vehicle, and we had the entire purchase completed within 2-3 hours.  We also needed to schedule work with the service department and they were able to accomodate our busy schedule even though they were booked up for the next week.This was the 3rd car that we've purchased from Dellenbach.  I would recommend giving Dellenbach a try for your car purchase.  We have never had a bad experience with them and it's nice to do business with a local family-owned business!

A Big Thank you to Dellenbach motors. We want to begin by Thanking Shelley Sanchez. She is someone we trust and we went to Dellenbach because she works there. She had us work with Eric Wendt, who was wonderful and helpful. We had originally come to purchase a used vehicle for our son who has moved to Denver from Fort Collins. What we found was a new car for a great price. We test drove and purchased a Sonic.  To date the experience from the first email to Shelly and now to getting the best deal for a trusted vehicle has made a l
asting impre
ssion on us that Dellenbach is the place to go. Honesty, trustworthiness, and a helpful loan originator; we are satisfied. Thank you t
o all involved with this purchase. 
-Rosie C. 

My experience at Dellenbach was nothing short of great. I worked with Luis and he was amazing. They didn't waste my time and showed 
nothing but respect for my busy schedule. They worked with me to find exactly what I needed. From the time I walked in the door until I walked out I spent a total of about 3 hours finding, dealing, and signing. Very easy process and an very positive experience. Dellenbach Motors and 
Luis (at their Chevrolet dealer) are the real deal and should be on your list of dealers to visit. They'll earn your trust and likely your business. I'll be back next time I'm in the market. Thanks for all your hard work to make my truck buying experience very positive. Did I mention that Luis is a rock star...really!
-Matt A. 

Professional, Courteous, & Honest!   Just purchased a like new 2013 Chevy Avalanche... best Win Win car buying experience in 70 years...  Dellenbach's service department has been taking  great care of my cars for years, after nearly 250,000 miles on my 2002 avalanche... I thought it was time to move up... Bought my like new Avalanche the old-fashioned way... with a little give-and-take,  no pressure and a great price... I'll be glad to voice my experience to anyone that wishes to listen.
-Ed P.

I was not planning on buying a car this month, but unfortunately had to. This is the second purchase I have made at Dellenbach and it was just as pleasant this time as the first time. All I had to do was share my car interests, needs and budget with Eric Cordova and he took the entire process from there. I was able to relax with my 5 and 7 year olds in tow and was offered snacks and drinks while we waited. Eric instantly knew which SUV would fit my needs perfectly and we were test driving in no time. I really appreciate the trusting environment that he creates because as a single mom, I sometimes feel like I could be taken advantage of. I walked out of Dellenbach feeling valued and confident that I was given the best deal possible. I can understand why they have so many tenured associates...their level of customer service is beyond expectations! Thank you!! And thank you to Toby, too, since he helped throughout the transaction.
-Jennifer C.

I am pleased to say that I had great experience buying my first car with Bruce Ford at Dellenbach Motors. Bruce was very friendly and made the
car buying experience simple and enjoyable. It was clear to me that he has a lot of experience selling cars but he knows how to do it stress-free and easy. Bruce got me in a great used Honda Civic for a fair price and great financing. Previously, to coming to Dellenbach I visited a few other dealerships that just wanted to sell me something I didn't want for a much higher price. Overall, Bruce did a great job and if you are in the market for a used/new vehicle go pay Bruce Ford a visit.
-Josh H.

A friend referred me to Dellenbach when she heard that I was looking for a truck. A Silverado wasn't high on my priority list, so I didn't have high expectations when I went in. However, the selection they had matched exactly the kind of vehicle I wanted. Eric Wendt was outstanding. He was not pushy, but was laid back and very knowledgeable. When it was time to take care of the paperwork, the entire team treated us very well. I highly recommend Dellenbach. If they don't have what you need, they won't try to talk you into a car that is not right for you.

-David G.

I was down on the Front Range and thought about looking at replacing my aging Forester, so we stopped in to Dellenbach's. I had intentions of
picking up a used car, but took the 2014 Forester for a spin. We went home and did some research and found that Dellenbach Subaru had the best prices I could find in my area or the front range area. The deal was done and I am now driving a new Subaru Forester and love it! Matt Hecker made the whole process smooth and easy without any pressure. I'd go back and see them again, but it won't be for several thousand miles!
 - Dan A.

I have referred two customers to Dellenbach because of the excellent sales service I received at your dealership. I have always bought GM products. However, in the past I have never had my cars serviced at the dealers that I had purchased the car. When I purchased my Equinox, I decided to use your dealership for my service. Since then, I have also used your dealership for my Buick Lucerne. I will continue to use your dealership for all of my service work for both cars. I am definitely a satisfied Customer!


I am pleased to communicate with Dellenbach, the outstanding service experience I had with assisting in purchasing a car for my niece. It was a
lot of pressure to be the surrogate father wanting to achieve what her father, who lives in Montana, would have. Bruce Ford is everything you want in a person to person communication and transaction. He understood. He genuinely placed himself in my concern. We ended up purchasing a used Subaru Legacy and had full comfort that we had bought the correct vehicle. My niece loves the car and we want your future customers to know that Bruce Ford will do all in his power to assist you based on what is important to you. Thanks a lot, Bruce, for everything and thank you, Dellenbach.
-Terry W

My experience at Dellenbach Motors was excellent. We live in Longmont, and I did a lot of price comparison shopping in Longmont, Boulder and
  Colorado Springs. While other dealerships got close to what we ended up paying, it was your people at Dellenbach that sold us.  Devon was super to work with. Very professional and it is hard to believe he is so young. He has a great future ahead of him. Because we set the price up front over email (and your internet staff were excellent too; Kelly and Wendy), we didn't take that long to get the deal done, once we were onsite. Buck Buchanan was excellent as well. We would highly recommend your dealership to our friends and family.

My wife and I were in yesterday and purchased an Impreza. I just wanted to let you know, that we were helped by Jeremy Gleich. My wife and I have bought several cars prior to this and I must say, without a doubt, Jeremy had given us the best service we have ever had when it came to a vehicle purchase, he went above and beyond all our expectations. Just wanted to make sure his service did not go unrecognized.

Ryan & Amy H.

 This is the second car I've bought from Dellenbach and both times I have been very happy. In fact, we are moving back to Denver soon but I told my husband that my next car would also be from Dellenbach and that your dealership is worth driving an hour and a half for. I worked with Matt Soto and he was very helpful but not pushy. I have had some nightmare car buying experiences in the past but your dealership has restored my joy in buying a car. I always give positive reviews about Dellenbach and Subaru's to people. I work in the insurance industry so I get many opportunities to praise you! Thanks for your family's dedication to customer service.
-Deb K

"We have been treated as if we bought an $80,000 car at your dealership. Charles Grant is really awesome and a pleasure to work with. Jerry in service took excellent care of us. We are always referring our friends to you. The customer service is above and beyond any of your competition."

"In all my interactions with Dellenbach, from sales to service or whatever, I always feel like the 'red carpet' has been rolled out just for me. I love that and gratefully acknowledge what a outstanding job you all do as a team in order to make me feel that way! This is how things are done when a company values its customers and Dellenbach obviously goes out of its way to prove that again and again! Thank you all for doing this whole "world of vehicles" so well!"

We just purchased our third car from Dellenbach Motors and wish to express our thanks for the help of your professional and knowledgeable staff, particularly Bruce Ford and Alex Johnson. We had many questions and couldn't decide on exactly which vehicle was right for us but we were never hurried or pressured. We were treated respectfully and given exactly the information we required. We were helped as well by the Dellenbach website which is clear and easy to navigate, and appreciate the listing of vehicles on Since my husband was out of town during the selection process, easy access to these electronic resources along with the personal touch provided by Bruce and Alex brought us to the decision to buy again from  Dellenbach.
-Susan W.

Thank you for all of your professional help. It is great dealing with someone who is honest and very helpful. So far the car is performing just great. We enjoyed the ride home, mostly trying to figure out what everything does, including the On-Star, which works great. Thanks again!

The Dellenbach Sales Team took great care of my father and I when we went up to inquire about a Subaru Impreza WRX. Matt provided updates and information via both email and text, and when we were ready to come in, he took care of us personally even though he had to balance his time with another couple. I really did not feel pressured by the dealer. Matt was open and honest that he wanted me to buy a car but I felt like it was a natural expression of his sales role, not that I "had" to buy right then, right there. If I am in the market for a Subaru again, I know where I am returning. Good service, a team willing to use technologies like SMS to keep in contact with a customer.

My wife and I wanted to compliment you on what a pleasure it was to meet and work with Joe Feiereisen. He certainly is a tribute to you and your  company. There was a time when I was buying 150 vehicles a year for my corporate job and I have seen all approaches on the part of vehicle sales people?.. Joe brings a fresh and honest attitude to the table and was a pleasure for us - not to mention you guys finding the right pickup for me!!
Glen and Lynn R.

Just wanted to say - it was the absolute best car buying experience I've had. Matt was great, and for someone like me who cringes at the thought of car shopping, this was a dream. Also, the Forester is fantastic.

Ken and Eric took very good care of us and were attentive to our needs. Arden and Steve also gave us good advice and instruction on the operation of our new truck and tips on pulling a trailer. We are very pleased with our new truck and will be coming back to Dellenbach for our service appointments.

- Janet H.

While we have other Cadillac dealers closer to our home, we chose Dellenbach only because of Briana Dellenbach, our sales lady. From our first meeting with her, she was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and willing to spend time going over all of the features of the Cadillac. We felt it was worth driving 250 miles out of our way to work with Briana...and we plan to work with her in the future. Briana is a real asset to Cadillac!

I am very happy with my new Crosstrek.  It is so fun to drive and it is nice to know I am in a good reliable car.  I also wanted to let you know how pleased I was to work with Matt Soto in the process of purchasing my car.  He was very knowledgeable, upbeat and positive when working with me.  I never felt pressured but rather that Matt wanted to make sure my needs were met no matter which car I chose.  Could you please let him know how much I appreciated working with him as I do not have his email address.  Thank you.

I'm now a proud owner of a Subaru WRX STI!!!!  Thank you Dellenbach Subaru!!!! You guys run a world class customer service. Got a great deal, and a friendly service. This is my second car from Dellenbach and will be purchasing more cars from you guys in the future. A big shout-out to Pat and Lindsey (Internet sales manager) for helping me in the process special ordering my Subaru WRX STI. I highly recommend Dellenbach Subaru!!!!!! As for the car.... WOW!!!!!!!! I am loving my STI . It is my first Subaru. It is a very practical car, AWD, 4-doors.... And very fast!!! And if your a car enthusiast like me , this car satisfies all needs. Subaru makes great reliable cars also! I see that in the future, Subaru will be even bigger. So come and join the Subaru family, you will not regret it!!! Dellenbach will get the perfect vehicle for you!!!!! And for a great price!! Also it makes me very proud that Subaru also was doing the "Share The Love Event" and I choose the Alzheimer's association to receive $250 on my behalf. My Grandpa had Alzheimer's disease so this means so much to me. There are not many companies out there that do this and it really shows you how much Subaru cares about people and their customer. I can proudly say I own a Subaru!!  Thanks again Dellenbach!!!!!

I would like to thank you, the finance department, and Steve in the Service Department for the excellent customer service that my wife and I received from the moment we first contacted your dealership. This type of customer service, though always expected, is rarely experienced these days and I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the follow through. We will definitely revisit Dellenbach for our purchases in the future!
-Mike R.

I was very surprised at the outstanding service I received when looking, test driving and then purchasing my new Subaru. Everyone I have talked to complained about dealerships but I felt my experience was excellent. Josh listened to all my criteria and steered me to the model he thought fit. I of course test drove everything but when it came down to it the model he suggested fit everything I was looking for in my price range. My son told me to be prepared for being talked into buying all these "add ons" but that didn't happen either. I was presented with some options to consider that depending on my circumstances might be helpful and I actually did choose the extended warranty to cover any repairs that might occur while I'm still making payments. The price was the cost of 1 typical repair a person might have so I found that certainly reasonable. Then I decided I needed the rock guard and Josh very helpfully installed it along with some aid from Steve. All things considered I find myself completely satisfied with my car buying experience. I hope to have this car twenty years or possibly more so you will be seeing me regularly for maintenance etc. In this day of constant complaining I have made a point of sharing my great experience with my friends.
All the best,

I just wanted to send you a personal note to let you know what a good experience I had buying a 2013 Subaru Outback from your dealership. I worked with Matt Hecker and he did an excellent job. My wife and I have bee really busy lately but really wanted to get a new car before winter set in (just made it!). Matt was really accommodating with our schedules through both multiple test drives as well as setting it up so the two of us could sign our title paperwork separately. When I was ready to move forward with getting my trade in appraised and Matt had something come up, rather than  reschedule he worked with an associate (Josh) to make sure that I was taken care of. Through my car buying process I looked at a number of different makes at different dealerships in the area before settling on Subaru and I can tell you that Matt was the most knowledgeable and able to answer any questions that I had while always being positive about Subaru without being negative towards other makes (you would be surprised how other salesmen talk about their competition). Working with Matt was a really good first impression for me of what Dellenbach Subaru is all about, and makes me feel really good about establishing a relationship with my local Subaru dealership.
-Kevin W.

I'd like to take this opportunity to write a quick note about the salesman we purchased the car through.  Working with Jeremy Gleich was the easiest and most hassle-free car buying experience I've ever had.  He did a great job of walking the line between being attentive to our questions without being over bearing while we decided on our purchase and made the whole experience, from test drive to the sale to the orientation on the car's features, a pleasant one.  Please take a moment to recognize him for his excellent work.
Thank you,
James and Margie S.

I love my new Forester! Shelly in the internet department and Jeremy should be commended for their outstanding effort in helping make the buying 
process as easy and painless as possible. I very much enjoyed my experience with your company and look forward to working with you again in the future.



I have purchased several vehicles from Dellenbach Motors and continue to do business with them because of the professionalism and friendliness of all of the staff. Arden Peters is the sales representative at Dellenbach that I call upon when I am ready to purchase a vehicle. He goes beyond the norm to  make sure I am finding the vehicle I want. I've visited several other dealerships in the area and they don't come anywhere close to the service I get at Dellenbach Motors!

My wife and I are looking to buy a new car this fall and I was dreading bringing the Aveo in for the recall because I've had experiences with other dealers in town that made it so I won't return to their lots. This experience goes a long way toward having a preferred dealer in town with Dellenbach and will begin our search for a new vehicle with them and possibly end it. We'll see, but the service was outstanding. The service rep provided "old school" customer service and deserves praise for his actions. We had a day to get a lock fixed under warranty and get the recall done and it happened as he said it would. Great work all the way around.

 I wanted to let you know that your service guy, Chris is first class. I had an appointment to have my new truck looked at for a problem with what I described as hesitations when the truck was slowly accelerating. Chris took the time to discuss the problem with me and to look for bulletins on the problem. We decided to take the ruck for a short drive in your lot. Instantly when he got into the truck, he spotted what the problem might be. I had mistakenly not took the truck out of "auto" on the transmission after pulling my boat out of the lake. This solved the problem. Chris could have easily had me leave the truck and caused me a return trip. In my opinion, this is really a class act. He cost the dealership a little money from GM on warranty work but sure made a customer happy. By the way, I did recommend that my daughter buy her Traverse from your dealership and worked with Arden who also is a class act.


We are very happy with the new WRX!  Kelly Rohs worked with me at the beginning when I inquired about internet pricing through your website.  She got back to me almost immediately and answered all my technical and sales questions promptly.  She also went out of her way to provide photographs of the car (there were none on the website) and then lined up Josh Heye to meet with us that next Saturday morning, the soonest Stacey and I could come up to see that car. Josh was ready for us the minute we walked in the door.  He was super friendly, easy going, knew everything about the car and got us out for a test drive right away.  There was never any pressure for a sale, though I think he could tell I was pretty much sold on the car from the second we fired up the ignition!  We thoroughly enjoyed working with him! I must also point out how impressed we were that you held the car for us for nearly three weeks while I waited for my insurance settlement check to come in.  This made our shopping experience so much easier.  In fact, Dellenbach was the first stop on our list and after knowing the car was held, we didn't have to go or look anywhere else.  This was by far the best and easiest car buying experience we have ever had and we really, really appreciate it! I can't remember the name of the gentleman we worked with for financing, but he too was great to work with.  Super nice, very quick and efficient and also extremely knowledgeable and answered all our questions easily. My only regret is that your dealership is so far from our home (Nederland).  If it were a little closer, I'd be in for service as well.  But, working in Boulder, I'll most likely visit Flatirons Subaru as they are just minutes from my work and it's where we purchased Stacey's Outback a few years ago. Thank you again and make sure to thank Josh and Kelly personally for us! 
-Tim P

My experience with Dellenbach has always been extraordinary.  Your Subaru service crew have always been wonderful to me, as over the past 10 years I have been servicing my other Subaru's at Dellenbach.  When it came time to buy a new car, I wouldn't have gone anywhere else.  Matt Soto in sales was terrific; Great and easy to do business with.  I appreciate your business! 
Thank you!

Judy loves the car.  Joe is a great salesman, very good to work with in person, e-mail, and following up after the sale.  The ladies I e-mailed with were also very good.  We very much appreciate the way your dealership does business.  I negotiated the whole deal over e-mail rather than the typical ugly experience of sitting in the dealership all day with the salesman running back and forth to management to negotiate a deal.  There are few things I dislike more.  The Internet / e-mail negotiation experience was great. I look forward to a long and pleasant relationship with Dellenbach service, and new car buying down the road.
Best Regards,

I'm sure I speak for Lara too when I say that we are very happy with our new Volt and working with Dellenbach was hands-down our best car buying 
experience ever.  Arden Peters is extremely knowledgeable and tremendous to work with!
Thanks, Dave

It was a pleasure working with Matt Soto and I thank you for setting us up with him. He took sunny on two test drives and was very patient with her inexperienced driving. Matt answered all our questions and was more than gracious setting us up when we finally decided on the Outback. The rest of the staff was also very accommodating and friendly, this too was appreciated. For Sunny being a first time new car buyer Matt was more than helpful in explaining the process and financing, while calming her nerves and helping her make an informed decision. I can't thank you enough for helping us out. I am sure we will be back for the oil changes, and for any other car needs as well.

We talked to both Jeremy and Matt while we were purchasing the Forrester and they were knowledgeable and courteous to me and my wife.  We are thrilled with the car and appreciate the help they have given us to answer our questions after the sale.
 -Charley M.

I had the absolute best experience there with Matt Soto. He so kindly led me to the perfect car for me and with his gentle and quiet spirit, drew me in. Thank you for putting together and running such a classy place.

I LOVE my Impreza! Jeremy was an excellent sales rep. My overall experience with Dellenbach was excellent. I like to live local, shop local, and you guys did a wonderful job of cementing that principle. Thanks for the great buying experience.


I was very pleased with the entire process. The vehicle was located and delivered on time and a day early. The salesman was very knowledgeable and helped my wife link her phone to the Bluetooth on the spot. We were introduced to the service team as well as the parts dept which is not typical but important to establish a good relationship through the time we own the vehicle. The car itself was very clean and we are very pleased with the overall design and function. My wife is the primary driver and coming from a Volvo. I was worried she would feel it was a step down, but this was not the case. She has pointed out the added features not found in the Volvo and the performance is comparable for the type of driving she does. Based on our experience I would recommend the Subaru and your dealership. Now if you can get me into that new 2013 427 convertible Vette for zero down and $200/mp I will be really excited (kidding).
Thanks, Steve

It was a real pleasure working for Mike McCracken, he took time to work with Jennifer & I. Mike really cares about the people he works  with. I worked with several other sales people in Fort Collins, but  none followed up like Mike.

We received the first survey from Subaru yesterday, and promptly responded. We are awaiting a second one, I believe they call "portrait", in the Share the Love campaign. We LOVE our new Subaru Forester, and were treated VERY WELL by Pat and Kendra. We are retired professional actors and are very visible at both the OpenStage and Bas Bleu Theatres, so you all at Dellenbach will be urged to come see our shows!! We also look forward to a long and happy relationship with your dealership. Friends tell us that once you own a subaru, you never go back to anything else. And we certainly are enjoying our Subee-doo-bee-doo!! Thank you for your email.
Sincerely, Deb and Jonathan

I continue to LOVE my Forester! I still feel as if it was made especially for me. Thanks for checking in with me. My decision to buy from Dellenbach was based on outstanding past experiences with both the sales and service departments, and I am so glad that I made this purchase at Dellenbach Motors.
Thanks so much,
-Maureen S.

I have to say it's been a true pleasure working with you and the entire team at Dellenbach. I love my CTS. I feel so fortunate that the timing was right to stop in for a visit. Even more so, I appreciate your diligence to follow up with the few questions I have had. I see you have a true and honest passion for what you do. I feel like I have gained a friend in you as well. Thanks for your caring compassionate personality and what you do. I will refer everyone I know to you for vehicle needs.

I would like to thank all the staff at Dellenbach for all the assistance I received when I purchased a very nice used 2004 Nissan Maxima LT. Bill helped me and I found him to be personable and friendly. All the staff including the owner made themselves available to help answer any questions I had. I would recommend Dellenbach to anyone that is looking for a new or used vehicle. I will purchase my next new vehicle from them just because I was treated well and it was all done with a smile. In a time of wanting customer service and high pressure tactics Dellenbach employees do it right with integrity, honesty, and pride. Way to Go!

 I had a very good experience working with Kendra. I appreciate all of your help and arriving at a deal that made this purchase happen. You were very low pressure, yet you kept in touch letting me know you could assist in any way possible, and that approach really was appreciated! We love the Cadillac Escalade EXT. It was even better in person than what I imagined and could see online. I am very excited about it! I am sorry I was not able to meet you in person after all the email correspondence, maybe sometime when I travel there to get the Escalade serviced. Cheryl was also great. I really enjoyed meeting her and she made the remainder of the purchasing process very smooth and enjoyable! Again, I thank you and I will certainly be happy to pass along favorable information about Dellenbach to others I know.

Thank you for your nice note. My family is thoroughly enjoying our new Traverse. Kendra Hughes in the Internet Department was especially helpful in steering my purchase. I considered a purchase for a few months and thought that I would only be able to afford a used Traverse. Kendra kept in touch and informed me about your hail sale. I was able to buy a new car for a comparable cost. I am recommending your Internet Department as a great way to start the research. I was pleased with looking at the inventory and filling out a credit application on-line.
I am looking forward to working with Dellenbach again.
--Veronica G.

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