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Interior Cleaning Recommendations from GM

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Now, more than ever, it's important to keep the interior of vehicle clean and disinfected. At Dellenbach, we follow General Motors' guidelines when sanitizing vehicles and wanted to pass these tips along to you!
General Motors recommends cleaning as directed in the owners' manual; with mild soap and water for most all interior surfaces.
Based on CDC recommendations, and to protect against COVID-19, disinfecting wipes can be used, but do not use scented wipes or wipes containing bleach. 
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Q&A from Cadillac EV Day

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Below are some questions and answers from Cadillac about new models and transition plans to electric vehicles (EV).
Q: Why is Cadillac going electric now?
A: Cadillac, like the rest of GM, is committed to delivering a future with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion. Advancements in battery technology and availability of public infrastructure have made it easier than ever to own an electric vehicle. 
Cadillac will bring to market the first crossover off GM’s all-new modular architecture and will continue to make breakthroughs in autonomous technologies such as Super Cruise.
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New Electric Vehicles, Including HUMMER Coming to GM Lineup

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On Jan. 30, 2020, General Motors announced the introduction of a HUMMER electric vehicle (EV) as the first electric addition to GMC’s lineup of premium trucks and SUVs. The new HUMMER will have up to 1,000 HP, 11,500 LB. FT of torque and a 0-60 time of 3 seconds.
GM’s strategy is to provide all their brands a path to a zero-emissions future. 
Cadillac will also play a lead role in the plan moving forward and will launch an electric crossover off GM’s next-generation EV architecture in 2022. 
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Chevy Bolt EV: Tax Incentives Available NOW!

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From your weekday commute to weekend trips and all the places in between, Bolt EV is ready to take you wherever you want to go. This ride is an affordable all-electric vehicle that offers an EPA-estimated 259 miles of range on a full charge. Plus, it offers advanced safety technologies, plenty of space and good looks on top of that. With Bolt EV, there’s nothing holding you back.

Best of all, as a Colorado resident you may qualify for up to $5,875 of Federal and State tax incentives are available for your new Chevy Bolt. Check with your…
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Try These 3 Easy Ways To Boost Your Fuel Economy

There are lots of ways drivers today can save on the price of gas. If you pay cash at some stations you get 5¢, or you can earn fuel reward points from the supermarket, or you get money back on your credit card bill. But what about saving gas while driving? Everyone loves the sound of getting better gas mileage and it is possible by adopting new driving technics and regular maintenance.

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Google And Subaru Collaborate To Save The Environment

If you could travel anywhere in the world to learn how you can help solve one of Earth’s biggest crises, where would you go? Recently Google partnered up with Subaru to answer the call of two champions of change to teach their peers about the benefits of recycling.

Since May of 2004, Subaru has reused millions of tons of foams and plastics and recycled everything else. Not an easy feat for an auto…

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Subaru Shares Insider’s Look at Trash in the U.S.

Trash. It’s everywhere. Would you consider yourself tossing the average amount of trash in a single week—that would be 4.3 pounds—or less than that? If you’re like most typical Americans, this works out to 223.6 pounds of trash per person each year. A lot, isn’t it?

Multiply that number by all the people living in our country. This means that approximately 220 million tons of waste is generated each year.

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