Four Auto Service Tips to Keep Your Car Running Smoothly This Summer

While we may live amongst the Rockies here in Fort Collins, CO, we are not immune to the effects that the escalating temperatures that the summer months can bring. Rising temperatures bring new risks for your automobile, so if you're not looking to get stranded on your next road trip to Denver, we've got four pieces of advice for you to be aware of if it's been a while since your last service appointment.

1.) Keep Your Engine Cool

The first one is easily the biggest, as engine overheating is an all-too-common problem during the summer months. Engines generate a lot of heat all the time, but you might not notice any heating issues during the cold winter months. Therefore it's imperative to make sure your coolant is topped off so that your engine's temperature can be properly regulated.

2.) Check Your Tires

Tires are easily the second most important item on the to-do list after your engine. Blowouts are far more common in the summertime as the concrete of the roads and highways absorb a lot of heat from the sun's rays. If your tread is wearing out, you are at a high risk of a blowout happening to you.

3.) Have Your Air Conditioning Checked

This tip may seem like more of a convenience than a necessity, as we've all had at least one day where we've toughened out a busted AC unit. However, there's also a practicality to having working air conditioning, and that's your focus. There are so many ways to get distracted on the road, and the last thing you need is for your alertness to take a hit because you're sweating profusely.

4.) Get an Oil Change

The winter months tend to produce a lot of dirt, particularly when it snows and the county lays sand down on the road. As you drive, the oil in your engine accrues dirt and grime, which is escalated when you drive in the winter; hence it's a good idea to get some fresh oil into your engine to keep it running efficiently.

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