Tire Sizing Is Not Difficult If You Know How To Read The Code

Those numbers that are printed on the side of your tires can be an intimidating thing to try and decipher. But in reality, it is not that difficult. It is just a code and once you know how to break down the code you can read it on any tire.

To give an example, if a tire has a sizing code on it that reads 205/55R16 then that breaks down as:
  • P = Passenger Type Tire.
  • 205 = Tire width. In this case the tire is 205 millimeters wide.
  • 55 = Aspect ratio. This tire's height is 55% of it's width.
  • R = Radial construction.
  • 16 = Wheel diameter. This tire will fit on a 16" wheel.
As you can see, once you understand which number means what then it becomes a pretty simple process of breaking it down. If you have any more questions on tire sizing then ask one of the experts here at Dellenbach Motors.
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