The Suzuki That Led to Bin Laden

As you have more than likely heard, Osama Bin Laden, the most wanted terrorist in the world, is dead. Vital to tracking down the whereabouts of Al Qaeda's leader was a white Suzuki, which had been seen navigating the streets near Peshawar, Pakistan. The man in this vehicle was Bin Laden's trusted courier, whom the US had been trailing for months.

Soon after spotting the courier, National Security agents began to intercept telephone calls and e-mail messages between the courier and anyone inside Pakistan.

"After spotting the courier last July in the Suzuki, the CIA sleuths tailed him over the next month throughout central Pakistan. Intelligence agencies also poured over satellite images of the compound in Abbottabad to determine a "pattern of life" that might decide whether the operation would be worth the risk," says the Economic Times.

The first step taken by the CIA in tracking the Suzuki's actions was to sneak up behind it and write down the car's plate number. The courier finally led them to a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, following a near two week stretch of constant surveillance. Intelligence operatives knew that they were on to something big, and when they went in on Monday, May 2nd, they found and killed Bin Laden.

So, which Suzuki model is responsible for helping nab the most notorious terrorist in the world? We haven't officially heard anything yet, but we'd have to wonder if something stylish and sporty, like the Suzuki Kizashi? Or, maybe it was something rugged, like the Suzuki Grand Vitara? Maybe it was the versatile Suzuki SX4? You can guess for yourself by test driving them at Dellenbach Motors - 3111 S. College Ave. Fort Collins, CO 80525.


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