What is Going on Between Suzuki ad Volkswagen?

That seems to be what everyone wants to know these days. The partnership between Suzuki and Volkswagens seems to have more ups and downs than a rollercoaster, only there is much more at stake. Luckily, we here at Dellenbach Motors are sure that no matter what, the makers of the Suzuki Kizashi will continue to make quality vehicles like no other. Still, Suzuki, which is owned 20% by Europe's Volkswagen, may be looking to other alliances to get what they need.

Specifically, Suzuki's frustration comes from the fact that they don't seem be talking about what the future holds for them when they hold talks with VW. Rather they tend to spend more time discussing what the two companies previously agreed would be best for their alliance. Yasuhito Harayama, Suzuki executive vice president, told reporters Monday in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture. "We can't cooperate unless we are equal partners."1

It sounds like the people at Suzuki are being spoken down to rather than being treated like actual partners, which would explain their openness to other alliances. Volkswagen invested $2.5 billion for their stake in Suzuki in January 2010 because they wanted to expand into India. It is there that Maruti Suzuki India Ltd. makes almost half the cars sold in the region.

"If necessary, we will form other alliances like the one with Italy's Fiat," Harayama told reporters Monday at an event to introduce Suzuki's recently appointed executive vice presidents.2

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